Nursing Aide

At Texas Healthtech Institute, we are committed to helping aspirants achieve success in their chosen career paths. Our Nurse Aide program is approved by HHS and TWC and also accredited by the Council on Occupational Education. As a Nurse Aide, you can enjoy a fulfilling career in the healthcare industry, providing vital support and care… Continue reading Nursing Aide

Medical Office Administration

Our career-focused medical office administration program can be completed between 30 weeks to 45 weeks. Students with primary education in this field can receive course credit to complete the program sooner. Moreover, eligible students can take advantage of financial aid and Title IV funding to help offset the cost of their education. Our trainers offer… Continue reading Medical Office Administration

Vocational English as a Second Language

Objectives of the VESL Program: To help students who already have some background in English improve their English language abilities. Students will gain competency in English language speaking (conversation), listening, pronunciation, grammar, reading, writing, and vocabulary at the basic, intermediate, advanced, and master levels. To improve job prospects for English language learners by facilitating the… Continue reading Vocational English as a Second Language

Associate in Health Information Technology

A wide variety of careers are open to those who complete this training program, including those in information technology, medical registries, system design, information analysis, and medical office administration. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a healthy 17 percent increase in demand for health information technologists and medical registrars between the years 2021 and… Continue reading Associate in Health Information Technology

Office Administrative Assistant

Our Office Administrative Assistant Certificate Program is designed to train students to work as administrative assistants and/or secretaries in a variety of office settings. Clerical and administrative works are the bread and butter of secretaries and administrative assistants. Students enrolled in office administration training course can expect to gain knowledge in the areas like public… Continue reading Office Administrative Assistant

Phlebotomy Technician

Have you decided to enter this profession? If so, reserve your seat for phlebotomy technician classes in Beaumont and Houston at one of the leading training centers for healthcare professionals. After completing the course, you will acquire the essential education and skills to enter this profession. Job responsibilities of phlebotomy technician- Preparing patients for the… Continue reading Phlebotomy Technician

Medical Coding and Billing

The job role of medical biller and coder Generally, medical billing and coding are two different jobs with different skill sets. However, depending on the workplace, a single person can perform the duties of both a medical biller and a coder. Medical billers and coders are the healthcare professionals responsible for compiling and organizing patient… Continue reading Medical Coding and Billing

Medical Assistant

Their job duties depend on the clinic’s size, type, and location. This curriculum offers education in basic anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, medical law and ethics, office processes, clinical diagnosis, examination, testing, and treatment procedures, as well as a supervised externship under the supervision of physicians. Consider entering this field if you have the aptitude,… Continue reading Medical Assistant

Associate in Business Accounting

The key responsibilities of an accounting assistant are bookkeeping, accounting and auditing, managing a company’s accounts, completing financial statements, and verifying reports’ accuracy. Accounting assistants, who typically work for big organizations, focus more on accounts payable or accounts receivable. Auditing clerks focus on ensuring the use of proper coding in financial documents and report any… Continue reading Associate in Business Accounting

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